We are completely
focused on our
client's wants and
needs, and work to
realize their dreams
as if they were our

Commonwealth Realty
Commonwealth Realty
Commonwealth Realty Inv.
Info for Buyers / Sellers
State Department of Education: school reports, statistics, demographics
Local information: local area info, statistics, events
BAREIS MLS: Use MLS (multiple listing service) to find available homes in all counties
Local weather: forecasts, weather patterns, radars
Tax information: Homeowner deduction information
Our mission as your agent:
We will dedicate our efforts to find the property that fits your particular situation, and not what
satisfies our bottom line. The theory is that if we find what you want, then when  you refer us to
friends, they feel they will get the same.
What you should know:
Buying Real Estate can be a tricky business if you do not have the right tools to be successful.
You need a representative that will provide you with these tools (IE research/market
analyses/trends/inventory/ect) and be a beacon of trust and expertise.
How we will work together:
If you express your priorities and desires, we will provide the due diligence and search for the
best inventory that satisfies that perfect scenario for you.
Our mission as your agent:
We can assure you that we will not rest until the perfect client for your property is found. We  
have an abundance of calls everyday requesting a wide variety of properties via our Leasing
Division, and that forms a perfect blend with the Sales Division and YOU our Clients.