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Joseph Sullivan, CFO
Commonwealth Realty
Joseph Sullivan
Commonwealth Realty Inv.
About Management
Commonwealth Realty Investments provides precise and profitable real estate transactions in
Boston and other areas of Massachusetts.

We will offer apartment rental services, property sales, and most importantly, Investment Property
research, purchase, and resale for profit.

Our company will be dedicated to a hassle free business environment in which CRI can flourish
into a profitable sales and investment relationship with you far into the future
Commonwealth Realty Investments is a real estate company that will offer all facets of Real
Estate transactions.

CRI will be active in sales, rentals, and the finding, selling, and leasing of investment properties
for clients, but its main function will be the research and acquisition of prime foreclosed or
distressed real estate for resale profits.

Target properties will balance value, comparative market analysis, location, upside profit
potential, and current client needs to maximize returns while minimizing risk to investment capital.

The research, development, and success of this plan will be rigorously attended to by the
management of CRI and a great source of pride and dedication will be poured into its process
Joseph trained for his bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Northeastern University.

He then went to work for one of the largest property management/real estate companies in the
city,  after six months in the industry, Joseph had risen to the top producing agent in the company.
He has remained extremely successful in the industry for the past 10 years and this success has
resulted in the forming of CRI .

It is this time in the Boston Real Estate Market that provides Joseph with valuable industry insight
and experience enabling him to provide the best service available to his clients.
"It is very refreshing to find a company who cares about
what you want instead of whats important to their
agenda, and I would be happy to refer them to anyone I
know." Dana Platnik
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